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Auditing Software FAQ


FAQ: Azzule Auditing Software

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What is Azzule Auditing Software?

Azzule Auditing Software is an online auditing management system that is owned, developed and managed by Azzule Systems.

Who can use the Azzule Auditing Software?

Azzule Auditing Software is open to:

  • Auditees/clients who request audits to be conducted by a specific Auditing Company.
  • Auditors who are either dependent or independent on the auditing company and conduct audits for auditees.
  • Auditing companies that are in need of an online system to manage and control of all the auditing process.
Who is Azzule Systems?

Azzule Systems is a leading provider of global data management solutions for agriculture and food handlers, and the scheme owner and developer of the industry-leading PrimusGFS™ food safety audit and Primus Standard Audits. More details about Azzule Systems can be found at

What is a certification body?

A certification body, (CB), also sometimes referred to as an auditing company, is a provider of third party certification services to auditees.

What certification program (audit scheme(s)) is/are available in the Azzule Auditing Software?

Azzule Auditing Software can develop any certification program/audit templates that you request.  Depending on the auditing company, certain templates are available (i.e. Primus Standard Audit, Costco Addendum, Primus FSMA Addendum).

Where do I start to request an audit?

In order to request an audit, there are few steps to follow:

  1. Contact an auditing company/certification body that is capable to conduct the select audit scheme for you.
  2. Submit an online request for access to the Azzule Auditing Software.
  3. Check your email for the login information. After the auditing company reviews your request, login information will be emailed to your email.
  4. Login to the Azzule Auditing Software -Auditee site, and submit your audit application online.
What are the charges for being audited?

Audit charges and travel expenses are negotiated between the auditee and your chosen auditing company/certification body. Azzule Auditing Software charges auditing company the set fees for entering and posting the audit reports and certifications for certain audit templates.

Where do I get help during the application/audit process?

If you need any assistance to submit your application, corrective actions and other help, please contact with your auditing company.

If you observe any system error message or have any suggestions on the Azzule Auditing Software, please contact Azzule Systems at .

How do I get my audit report and certificate?

1. In your Azzule Supply Chain Program (SCP) site, all the audit reports are automatically stored on the auditee’s Azzule Supply Chain Program (SCP) site.  You can view the audit information in the Audit Tab.   If you are not registered for the SCP site, Click Here to access your site at no charge.

2. Your completed audit reports and certificates (depending on the audit template you may/may not receive a certificate) are emailed to you if you are listed as application contacts/ to show on the report.

How do I send my audit report to my customers?

By Azzule Supply Chain Program. All the audit reports are stored on the auditee’s Azzule Supply Chain Program (SCP) site (see next question). You can send the audit information to your customer via the Azzule Supply Chain Program. This is a requirement from some buyers/retailers, please check detailed requirement with them.

What is the Azzule Supply Chain Program?

The Azzule Supply Chain Program (SCP) is designed to facilitate the storage and transfer of data among the supply chain. The audit reports are available to clients in their respective SCP sites. If you wish to register for the SCP at no cost, please click here and complete the registration form. The Azzule SCP is a tool to manage your food safety data, help to comply with the food safety requirements and government regulations.  This also allows your customers to analyze the data and look for specific conformance criteria from their suppliers. (This is especially relevant for food retailers and food service companies).

What is an “organization entity”?

The organization is the entity being audited that is creating and implementing the food safety management system within the “operation(s)” being audited (see “operation” question below). Note: The definition may various depending on the certification programs.

What is an “operation entity”?

The operation is the physical entity being audited. This could be a growing area (e.g., field, greenhouse, etc.), a harvest crew, or a facility (e.g., packinghouse, processor, cooler, storage facility, etc.).

How do I appeal an audit report or certification decision?

If you wish to submit an appeal, please contact the QA team in your auditing company/certification body.

What is the difference between CB-QA and CB-Coordinator login?

For the CB-Coordinator, it’s an administrative role. The main responsibility of the CB-Coordinator is to assist client with the applications, scheduling an audit, assigning an auditor to the audit, and other administrative activities defined by the auditing company. For the CB-QA, it’s a technical role such as audits/corrective actions review, or entities management; if possible, even decision maker for some specific audit schemes.

Can CB create the login information for their own coordinator or QAs?

No, currently CBs cannot create the login information in the Azzule Auditing Software. They can send their request to Azzule System at . Azzule will create the login information for CBs.

Who can create and submit an audit application?

Both auditee and CB-Coordinators can create and submit an audit application. Usually auditee/clients initiate the application; however, if the auditee/clients are unable to do so, the CB-Coordinator can help the auditee/clients in the CB site.

Can auditor change the product information if there is a change the day of the audit?

No, the auditor will not be able to change the information of product while inputting auditing reports. The auditor has to contact with auditing company to make proper changes.

Can auditor change the organization /operation information if there is a change the day of the audit?

No, the auditor will not be able to change the information of auditee while inputting audit reports. The auditor has to contact with auditing company to make proper changes.

Can auditor create a new audit ID in the auditor site?

For auditors that are working with an auditing company, the auditors cannot create a new audit ID in the Azzule Auditing Software-Auditor site.
For independent auditors, they are able to create the new audit ID.