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On October 21, 2019, Azzule will release its first web application, the PrimusLabs app. The Azzule web applications will offer users a single location in which to access all of the food safety activities that your operation performs.  In addition, Azzule is happy to build apps to assist you in managing your third party data and/or connectors to help your current systems interface with the Azzule platform. Both allow you to house all of your data in the same convenient location. The PrimusLabs app will offer PrimusLabs clients the opportunity to view their lab results as well as their audits

Through the collaborative efforts of Azzule and the Sustainable Food Group (SFG), the SFG Sustainability Standard™ is available for producers, handlers, and manufacturers of agricultural products interested in communicating sustainability performance to their buyers. The certification standard uses multiple internationally-recognized environmental, economic, and social welfare measures and may be added as an addendum to food safety audits, saving auditees time and money, or as a stand-alone assessment. The science-based Standard covers 16 categories recognizing best practices, performance metrics, and continuous improvement. Producers participating in other sustainability programs, including the National Organic Program, Sysco’s Sustainable/Integrated Pest Management Initiative, the Potato Sustainability Initiative,

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported that 15% of the overall food supply in the United States is imported from other countries, including 55% of the fresh fruit and 32% of the fresh vegetables consumed domestically. The USDA and FDA are the federal agencies responsible for ensuring our food supply is safe. The USDA focuses on meat, poultry, and dairy products while the FDA assumes control of most of the rest, including fresh produce. With food constantly streaming across the borders, the FDA has a big job in ensuring that the produce entering the country is safe. The FDA

Don’t forget to check out the free document templates in the Manual Development Toolkit offered at the PrimusLabs website The various food safety templates (i.e., SOPs, forms, logs, etc.) that we offer can help you to develop the food safety documents you’ll need in your food safety program manual. Several have been updated and improved. The Toolkit provides guided templates to address all of the issues likely to confront you when developing your plan and preparing for your audit. The Manual Development Toolkit is divided into several categories to address all of the relevant parts of any audit – from

With the first Santa Barbara County Farm Day fast approaching on Saturday, September 28, 2019, PrimusLabs is beginning its preparations to be one of the event’s 14 hosts. Santa Barbara County Farm Day is organized by Students for Eco-education and Agriculture (SEEAG), a Ventura County non-profit organization that has been running a similar event in and around Ventura for the past seven years. In addition to the Saturday event from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., SEEAG is also sponsoring a Farm-to-Table Dinner on Friday, September 27, 2019. That event will be held at Tres Hermanas Vineyard and Winery from 5:00 to

In response to client requests, growing buyer expectations, FDA’s implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and the increasing popularity of the various Blockchain systems, Azzule has been updating and enhancing the Azzule Platform, specifically the Azzule Supply Chain Program’s (SCP) capabilities. While continuing to improve our clients’ means of controlling the movement of information to their own customers, Azzule has taken this opportunity to ease their compliance review with a series of new products. Toward that goal, Azzule released our new Operations Module on August 6th. The Operations Module is designed to help clients view and manage their own

In order to proactively address the ever-changing needs of various food industries, our microbiological laboratory is now proud to offer tests for viral and parasitic contaminants. PrimusLabs has added cyclospora, hepatitis A, and norovirus tests to its list of microbiological services.   Cyclospora cayetanensis – protozoan parasite Cyclospora is a protozoan parasite responsible for the gastrointestinal disease cyclosporiasis. Previously thought to be mostly a foreign disease, 2018 marked the first Cyclospora case confirmed to originate from domestically grown produce. This parasite has been found in vegetable trays, salad mixes, and various imported fresh produce. As this parasite has become more of a

In its ongoing effort to better serve growers in the fresh produce industry, the PrimusLabs Residue laboratory has added new compounds to its list of chemicals for which it is now offering analysis. Residue Lab Manager Sean Kurokawa announced that additional compounds have been added to both PrimusLabs’ Multi-Residue Screen (MRS) Extended Plus, while others are offered in new single compound tests. Growers need assurance that they are operating within EPA guidelines when they introduce new chemicals into the growing process, and it is with their input that PrimusLabs adds additional compounds to its testing offerings. New chemicals that added to

Ventura County resident Mary Maranville grew up around agriculture. Her father ran a dairy farm in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. When she relocated to Ventura County 20 years ago, Mary and her husband also began farming. In 2008, she witnessed a local elementary school’s field trip to a farm near Santa Paula and came to realize that the young people on the trip knew little to nothing about where the food they ate came from. After that revelation, she decided to found Students for Eco-education and Agriculture (SEEAG) in Ventura in the hopes of creating agricultural ambassadors that

Samuel Lugo, a nine year veteran of Azzule and PrimusLabs, is currently integrating into the position of Chief Technology Officer at Azzule. Under the scope of Lugo’s responsibilities, he will be integrating the Architecture and New Technologies team, the Infrastructure team, as well as the Data team. Lugo will work closely with Paul Bon, Chief Product Officer (SCP, LIMS, AZAS, Buyer sites) and along with the technological help of his own team, will provide Bon and his associates with the tools and means to deliver Azzule’s products, services, and innovations to the market in a stable, secure and scalable manner. He’ll