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In an effort to streamline the use of its platform, Azzule is about to release an upgrade to the Premium Supply Chain Program (PSCP) and Supply Chain Program (SCP) sites. The new Multi-select option allows users to manage their audits more easily and, in particular, to transfer multiple audits without having to change screens.   A modification will be made to the platform’s “All Audits” screen that allows users to filter their audits and select one or multiple to either export to excel or transfer. The new multi-select option will toggle on the action bar which allows you to send one, multiple

Azzule’s commitment to its clients drives Azzule to ensure its innovative products and services are delivered in a stable and secure manner. One of our most important considerations is hosting. Towards that goal, Azzule will change its cloud services hosting in an effort to improve both stability and security. Azzule will now be utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Azure has been chosen by both major corporations and government entities, and we believe it will help our platform function in a more robust fashion. In addition, Microsoft Azure will help Azzule to scale up its capacity as we continue to grow. Plans are

PrimusGFS 2019 REPORT This report details all of the collected data on PrimusGFS audit certifications in 2019. Key points include the following: In 2019, PrimusGFS certified audits grew by 5.77% over the total of number of PrimusGFS certified audits in 2018.   In 2019, PrimusGFS Certification Bodies (CBs) granted 19,446 certifications to 5937 organizations.   Azzule approved three new CBs to conduct PrimusGFS audits: ANCE A.C., Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety, Inc., and KIWA.   PrimusGFS expanded into a new country, Guyana in the past year, bringing the total number of countries in which PGFS audits are performed to 21.  

Misinformation can be frustrating. Every so often, a misconception that you thought had long since been dispelled rears its head again, and you find yourself explaining something that you thought everyone understood with clarity, when it is clear that some people did not. Such is the case with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI was founded to facilitate the Global trade of food that meets an agreed upon standard for food safety. GFSI brought an end to having to conduct a specific food safety audit for product that was destined for a particular place in the world and a different

Did you know that PrimusGFS has developed an audit tracker to let you know the status of your audit, from scheduling all the way through to the certification decision? Regardless of the certification body with which you are are working, PGFS audits feature the added advantage of knowing where you stand throughout the audit certification process. To take full advantage of this PGFS feature, view your audit status through your Azzule Supply Chain Program (SCP) site. It is free to register for an SCP, and you can sign up for your own site at: For more information, feel free to contact

Are you listening to your clients or customers? Failing to do so can have dire consequences for businesses of all sizes in all industries. The cautionary tale below details what happened to one of America’s largest and most successful companies because of its failure to stay abreast of its customers’ needs. George Eastman and Henry A. Strong founded the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, New York, on September 4, 1888. Throughout most of the 20th Century, Kodak dominated the photographic film market worldwide. Early on, the company understood its wide reach and name recognition and capitalized on them with its tagline

In this Season of Joy and Giving, we would like to express our sincere thanks for entrusting Primus Group (Azzule and PrimusLabs) with your business over the past year. In working with you, we are acutely aware of your contributions and grateful to be your colleague, providing assistance in advancing the fresh produce industry forward. As we approach the New Year, we offer a humble pledge for our continued support and assistance in all that you do. We are thankful for your business, and we want to use this occasion to wish you the best in 2020. Thank you