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What To Expect In A Qualified Individual: A Guide to FSVP

Meet our dedicated team that is committed to your compliance success

Interested in learning more about our services or scheduling a 15-minute call with one of our compliance experts? Let us know! We are prepared to start right away, saving importers the hassle of hiring, training, and vetting candidates on their own.  

When it comes to handling food imports, it’s important to realize that relying solely on existing audits might not be enough. If you’re preparing to pass an FDA inspection, taking a proactive stance towards the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) requirement is key!  

For FSVP, choosing a qualified individual (QI) to help build your FSVP based on FDA guidelines is a great place to start. These experts play a pivotal and positive role in shaping, overseeing, and advocating for your FSVP strategy.  

Whether you’re in search of a Qualified Individual or exploring the path to become one, there are specific qualities that define excellence in this role. Let’s dive into what you need to know:  

1. Building and Executing Your FSVP Compliance Program  

Creating a comprehensive and effective FSVP compliance program demands expertise and significant attention to detail. At its core, Qualified Individuals (QI) should be able to design and implement a program tailored to your organization. Any QI you choose to hire should continuously take food safety courses and FSVP training to maintain a deep understanding of all program aspects.  

Practical experience in the food industry is also essential. With industry experience, QIs are able to recognize different, yet effective verification activities when presented. Having this combination of certifications and practical knowledge gives you confidence that they will implement a flexible and dynamic FSVP program based on your business needs. Using QI’s makes your compliance programs more effective than audits alone.  

2. Document Collection and Review  

Collecting and reviewing documentation from foreign suppliers is a crucial aspect of FSVP compliance. A Qualified Individual should be skilled at verifying a foreign supplier’s food safety documentation, ensuring they meet FDA standards.  

We understand that this can be one of the busiest and most time-consuming areas, as suppliers may not always be readily available. Therefore, effective communication, patience, persistence, and the use of Azzule’s Supply Chain Grids can be invaluable tools to organize and streamline this process. [Access your Supply Chain Grid tutorial to get started.]  

3. Supplier and Product Evaluation  

In order to mitigate imported food risks, you need to evaluate suppliers and products thoroughly. A Qualified Individual should possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise to conduct these assessments effectively. Examples of evaluations would involve verifying the documentation, assessing the supplier’s processes, quality control measures, and safety measures of the products themselves.  

These evaluations confirm the safety and compliance of imported goods, which is vital to building a robust FSVP program.  

4. Effectively Communicating with Foreign Suppliers  

A Qualified Individual should excel in communicating! No FSVP can be built without collecting and verifying the right documentation. Your QI should be able to gather the right documents, answer compliance questions, and help you maintain a great relationship with your suppliers overseas. Communication is key.  

Language barriers can often limit effective communication, even in this age of online translation tools. Having an internationally-based, multilingual team that is capable of bridging cultural and language barriers can significantly contribute to your compliance goals.  

For example, FDA officials will often request records with an English translation. A Qualified Individual should be able to provide written documents from your foreign suppliers that are available in English, even if the audit or documentation started out in their native language.  

5. Assisting with Foreign Supplier Approval Decisions  

Qualified Individuals take on many important roles to help an importer succeed. Among these, is helping importers make well-informed decisions when confirming to do business with a foreign supplier. QIs must be able to interpret all documentation accurately and apply FDA laws to your business effectively.  

By doing this, importers can confidently purchase products with a fully documented approval process. For example, Qualified Individuals from Azzule CORE maintain client FSVP programs within Azzule’s online platform. This helps keep our importers compliant and prepared for any future FDA inspections. [Sign up for an Azzule account today!]  

6. Up-to-Date Compliance Documents from Foreign Suppliers  

Maintaining up-to-date compliance records from foreign suppliers is essential for demonstrating ongoing adherence to FDA regulations. The FDA has acknowledged that using electronic records is sufficient for easy accessibility and verification. With Azzule, for instance, you can store and access all your compliance data securely at no cost, streamlining reporting and monitoring.  

Find all of these traits with Azzule CORE! Our team of Qualified Individuals possess the necessary knowledge, training, and experience to meet the FDA’s FSVP requirements. Our compliance assistance service helps you not only fulfill regulatory requirements, but also gain a competitive edge by verifying the quality and safety measures of your imported food.