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Sustainability Standardᵀᴹ

A Collaboration between the IPM Institute’s Sustainable Food Group and Azzule

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A Powerhouse of Purpose

The Sustainability Standard, developed by industry leaders at the Sustainable Food Group a branch of the IPM Institute, Azzule, and PrimusLabs, is your key to unlocking the potential of sustainable agriculture. This standard addresses critical topic areas such as integrated pest management, soil health, waste reduction, energy conservation, and more.

Proactively evaluate sustainability practices and identify opportunities for improvement. The Sustainability Standard can be implemented as a self-assessment within the Azzule app, a 2nd party audit leveraging the Azzule Auditing Software, or group or individual certification with one of the approved auditing companies listed above.

soil health

Soil Health







pest management

Pest Management

waste and recycling

Waste & Recycling

employee relations

Employee Relations



Measure & Communicate Progress

Promote your existing sustainability practices using The Sustainability Standard to showcase your commitment to environmental protection, soil health, air quality, recycling, water conservation, worker welfare, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and more!

Evaluate and demonstrate your improvements with a reliable and comprehensive certification program.

Provide granular audit data with analytic capabilities to demonstrate your sustainability progress to customers.

Enhance your sustainability profile to meet customer expectations and expand your business opportunities.

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Refine Your Sustainability Strategy

Leverage a comprehensive sustainable agriculture certification to shape your program and reach your goals. Link your sustainable practices to measurable data to build your company culture and expand into new markets.

Monitor suppliers' efforts across your supply chain related to sustainable agriculture and share progress with customers.

Gain insight into a wide range of sustainability practices for your growing operations and facilities.

Expand your access to new national and international markets based on your sustainability practices.

Take Advantage of Untapped Opportunity

Respond to the changing landscape of agriculture and provide solutions for farming operations and facilities to grow and market their efforts in a broad range of sustainable agriculture topics!

Help your clients track progress and showcase their successes using a robust and reliable certification program.

Join the growing number of food producers, distributors and retailers meeting consumer demands for sustainable food systems.

Provide clients with reliable data to take actionable steps utilizing a trusted audit for social and environmental practices.

Facilitates Improvement

Helps identify areas for improvement, encouraging the auditee to constantly increase sustainable practice use

Bolsters Recognition

Market recognition for your business and accomplishments in sustainability.

Created for You

Created for producers, handlers, and manufacturers of agricultural products wanting to demonstrate their sustainability efforts to buyers.

3-year Cycle

3-year certification cycle reduces costs to maintain your position in the market

Download the Application, General Regulations, Checklists, and Guidelines here:

Modeled for Success

This new certification follows Azzule’s successes with PrimusGFS™, and utilizes Azzule’s expertise in audit analytics. The Sustainable Food Group has leveraged its experience and proficiency in building a program that balances the needs of buyers and producers. Modeled after the  Sysco (R) Sustainable/IPM Program, implemented worldwide with 68 fruit and vegetable supply chains and more than two million acres, the Sustainable Food Group Sustainability StandardTM addresses requests from additional producers to similarly document and report performance to buyers and others.

Ready to get started?

Elevate your sustainability practices! Align with best practices, measure progress, and communicate your commitment with the Sustainability Standard.

  1. Review the Sustainability Standard documentation here
  2. Submit your audit application to one of our approved auditing companies via the Azzule Auditing Software here
  3. Prepare for your audit with a self-assessment on the Azzule app!

Start your journey toward sustainability excellence and differentiate your products in today’s competitive landscape.

Enhance your brand’s sustainability narrative with the Sustainability Standard! Gather meaningful sustainability data to showcase your alignment with conscious consumers and industry trends.

  1. Review the Sustainability Standard documentation here
  2. Schedule a one-on-one session to explore how adding the Sustainability Standard to your compliance program can elevate your brand’s value proposition.
  3. Strengthen your position as a pioneer in responsible sourcing!

Collaborate with us to transform your business, engage consumers, and drive meaningful change.

Expand your certification offerings with the Sustainability Standard. Broaden your service portfolio and tap into the growing demands for reliable and verifiable sustainable audit data.

  1. Review the Sustainability Standard documentation here
  2. Request training for your technical staff here
  3. Gain access to marketing resources and launch your sustainability certification services.

Grow your business opportunities while advancing sustainable practices in the fresh produce industry.