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Social Accountability Audit

Designed to Address Social Issues and Help You Meet Your Buyer’s Requirements

Areas of Social Compliance

The Social Accountability Audit addresses a wide range of workplace practices of interest in the produce industry. These topics include labor, wages, working conditions, discrimination, health & safety, and more. This checklist can be implemented as a second or third-party-audited certification, including in conjunction with food safety audits.



Working Conditions

Environmental Protection

Education Access

Living Quarters

Disciplinary Practices

Complaint Procedure

Working Hours


Freedom of Association

Health & Safety

Social Accountability V2 Documentation

Social Accountability General Regulations
Social Accountability Checklist
Committed to Accountability

Food safety goes beyond the food itself; it’s also about the social practices of those working to deliver safe food to your dinner table. The Social Accountability Audit helps by identifying key areas for assessing the social practices being implemented by organizations at the ground level.


Organizations have the flexibility to use this audit in conjunction with a PrimusGFS audit, or as a stand alone audit. It does not have to be used solely by PrimusGFS certified operations.


Helps to improve communication and alleviate concerns between management and workers. This also enables buyers and suppliers to work together to address any issues found during the audit.


The information gathered from this audit can help your company showcase your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to raise your standing among suppliers and buyers.

Integrated Solution

The Social Accountability Audits are uploaded by the Certification Bodies into our Azzule Auditing Software which are then transferred to the auditee’s Azzule Supply Chain account. The integration of our services allows for a seamless transfer of data, helping alleviate the burden from our users.

Have questions on how to get started using the Social Accountability Audit? Contact Azzule support. Our staff is ready and able to help answer any questions you may have!