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Introducing the New PrimusGFS Module 8 Grains and Pulses Standard: Available Now!

[Santa Maria, November 2023] – Azzule, PrimusGFS Certification Program Owner and supply chain software company, is delighted to announce the launch of the highly anticipated PrimusGFS Grains and Pulses Standard. Developed to meet the unique needs of the grains and pulses product category, this new certification option is now available for industry adoption.  

Recognizing the market demand and leveraging valuable feedback from operations, Certification Bodies, and industry experts, Azzule has designed the PrimusGFS Grains and Pulses Standard to ensure the highest level of food safety in this category of important crops. The innovative module encompasses comprehensive coverage of applicable Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) specifically for grains and pulses production practices.  

The PrimusGFS Grains and Pulses Standard empowers organizations operating in the grains and pulses sector to implement food safety protocols and maintain excellence in their operations. By adhering to this Standard, companies can strengthen their commitment to producing high-quality grains and pulses, meeting the increasing demands of consumers and regulatory bodies alike.  

“We are excited to offer the PrimusGFS Grains and Pulses Standard to the industry,” says Adriana Camacho, Director of Audit Development at Azzule. “This Standard sets a new benchmark for food safety in the grains and pulses sector, providing companies with the necessary tools and guidelines to ensure the integrity of their products.”  

“The launch of the Primus GFS Grains and Pulses module represents a significant milestone in Good Agricultural Practice certification”, adds Paul Adams, Research and Development Senior Manager of Global Agriculture and Dairy SQA at PepsiCo. “Providing farmers with a standard that is specifically tailored to the food safety risks that are relevant to the growing, storage and handling of cereal crops rather than those in the produce industry on which most of the current GAP standards are based. This new standard will allow farmers to demonstrate to their customers and consumers that they are managing all aspects of their cereal crop production processes in a safe and sustainable manner.”  

Companies interested in adopting the PrimusGFS Grains and Pulses Standard can access the necessary documentation and certification requirements through the PrimusGFS website. By embracing this Standard, organizations can demonstrate their dedication to food safety and enhance their reputation within the industry and among consumers.  

For more information about the PrimusGFS Grains and Pulses Standard and how to get started with certification, please visit