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Buyers, Suppliers, & Third Party Services all Interfacing in One, Powerful Supply Chain Information Business Environment

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A supplier takes their product to a laboratory for pathogen testing, the laboratory performs the assays and delivers results. The reviews those laboratory results during the course of a food safety audit and completes their report. A retailer purchases that product and expects to review those same lab results and audit reports, as well as standard operating procedures and hazard analyses.

In the past, each of these entities used completely separate reporting methods and data management software, resulting in the constant uploading, downloading, sending, receiving, organizing, re-organizing, reviewing, validating, and re-validating. It’s an exhausting thought.

The Azzule Platform is the solution for the entire supply chain, integrating first party food safety and compliance professionals directly with their second and third party servicers.

Supply Chain Software

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Laboratory Software

Auditing Software

Supply Chain Software: Modules


Add suppliers and buyers, send and retrieve verification activities, take your supply chain to the cloud


Approve documentation, suppliers, and products while keeping a record of all approve decisions. View your entire supply chain compliance at-a-glance.


Unlimited cloud storage and live delivery of audit and laboratory reporting make Azzule's Supply Chain Software a leading data management solution.