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Primus Standard Audits

A Reliable and Widely Recognized Workhorse for Domestic and International Fresh Product Markets

Attention Importers: Is your supplier in good standing with your FSVP program?

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Confidence in Compliance

Primus Standard Audits are designed on the back of PrimusLabs’ 30 years of industry experience, and powered by Azzule Systems smart, integrated technology. This series of checklists is agile and updated regularly following US regulations and buyer expectations.

Primus Standard Audits are the top checklists to get your importing and domestic operations prepared for an FDA visit with total confidence.

GAP & GMP Documentation

GMP : Cooling / Cold Storage
GMP : Cooling / Cold Storage with HACCP
GMP : Packinghouse without HACCP
GMP : Packinghouse with HACCP
GMP : Processing with HACCP
GMP : Storage and Distribution Center
GMP : Packaging
GMP in Mandarin

Documentación BPA y BPM

BPM: Cuarto Frío / Almacenamiento en Frío v14.09
BPM: Cuarto Frío / Almacenamiento en Frío con HACCP v14.09
BPM: Empacadora sin HACCP v14.09
BPM: Empacadora con HACCP v14.09
BPM: Procesadora con HACCP v14.09
BPM: Centro de distribución y almacenamiento v14.09
BPM: Auditoria de Material de Empaque v14.09
BPM v14.09 Mandarin
Recognition of Major Buyers

Designed to be align with buyer requirements and domestic regulations with standards and industry feedback. It's currently utilized to meet the standards of major buyers.

A Focus on Food Safety

Primus Standard Audits are designed to be specific and informative. The focus on food safety and descriptive nature of the questions guides the auditee to a better understanding of food safety requirements.

Automated Delivery & Transfers

Seamless audit movement between Azzule data management platforms for immediate acceptance by brokers, importers, and buyers.

Smart Audit Capabilities

We see the integration of services as a major benefit to our clients in that Primus Standard Audits was the first to deliver reports electronically to the Azzule Platform, innovating with each new release and continuous feedback from our clients.

Not sure which audit scheme is right for you or your suppliers? Contact Azzule support. Our technical field experts can walk you through the which may best fit yours or your suppliers’ operations. 

Integrated Solution

Primus Standard Audits and their systems are part of a smart, integrated network of third party supply chain services, certification bodies, food safety laboratories, all working together via the Azzule platform to serve a network of tens of thousands of suppliers and buyers.

Approved Certification Bodies

Approved and Provisionally Approved