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The Fresh Produce Industry's First Global Smart Audit


PrimusGFS is an internationally recognized Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) food safety audit scheme owned and managed by Azzule Systems.

PrimusGFS Version 3.2 Documents

PrimusGFS v3.2 is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized audit standard, developed by Azzule Systems, that has been used for many years in different areas of the food industry, particularly with fresh produce. It is designed to be used for primary production (including horticultural, grains, and pulses) and manufacturing sectors at a global level.

PrimusGFS v3.2 aligns to the GFSI’s v2020.1 benchmarking requirements and offers both GAP (Farm, Indoor Agriculture, and Harvest Crew) and GMP (Cooling & Cold Storage, Packinghouse, Processing, Storage & Distribution) audits. The GFSI scopes covered by the standard include: Farming of Plants, Farming of Grains and Pulses, Pre-processing Handling of Plant Products, Processing of Plant Perishable Products, Processing of Animal and Plant Perishable Products (Mixed Products), Processing of Ambient Stable Products, and Provision of Storage and Distribution Services.

Version 3.2 brings updates to address: the GFSI v2020.1 benchmarking requirements, stakeholder feedback, continued focus on FDA FSMA’s Produce Safety and Preventive Control for Human Food, relevant recent best practice updates from commodity specific guidance documents, updates to GMP Applicability Charts, the addition of new corrective action closure requirements, updated scientific research metrics (e.g. mitigation buffer distances, produce wash water anti-microbial metrics), refined and improved GAP pesticide questions, and updates to question flow concerns where necessary (e.g., harvest practice questions).

Azzule Systems has made its new version of PrimusGFS – v3.2 – available to auditees now, and will be the mandatory version for audits scheduled after March 1, 2022.

Please visit our PrimusGFS site to consult and download the most current documents for PrimusGFS version 3.2.

Food Safety Management System

This module is designed to cover the Food Safety Management System for the entire organization and encompasses all operations named in the audit application. The module focuses on procedures and documentation in regards to food safety.


(Previously Ranch)

This module is completed for each field operation included in the audit application and focuses on the food safety practices in the growing area.

Indoor Agriculture

(Previously Greenhouse)

This module is completed for each indoor growing operation included in the audit application and focuses on the food safety practices in the indoor growing area.

Harvest Crew

This module is completed for each harvest crew operation in the audit application and focuses on worker practices and field conditions as they relate to food safety.


This module is completed for each facility operation in the audit application. The module is applicable for facility operation types (e.g. Packinghouse, Processing, Cooling/Cold Storage, and Storage and Distribution) and focuses on the food safety practices in the facilities.


This module is applicable for all facility operations and not for growing area activities. The module focuses on the procedures and monitoring activities implemented for an operation HACCP system.

Preventive Controls

 This module is voluntary for facility operations. It is not applicable for Farms, harvest crews, or indoor agriculture operations. The module focuses on the procedures and monitoring activities implemented for preventive control systems.

Globally Recognized Standard

GFSI recognized food safety scheme approved for GFSI scopes BI, BII, D, EII, EIII, EIV, and J, and used from growing operations to minimally processed produce products.

International Certification Bodies

Eleven approved / provisionally approved Certification Bodies performing PrimusGFS audits internationally.

Automated Delivery & Transfers

Seamless audit movement between Azzule data management platforms for immediate acceptance by brokers, importers, and buyers.

Smart Audit Capabilities

PrimusGFS is the first of its kind to collaborate with CBs worldwide to collect and deliver audit information as granular data, allowing for powerful data analysis and flexible applications to meet your program objectives.

Visit for a full list of features, resources, and approved Certifying Bodies. Updates on Version 3.2 available now! 


Integrated Solution

PrimusGFS and it’s systems are part of a smart, integrated network of third party supply chain services, certification bodies, food safety laboratories, all working together via the Azzule platform to serve a network of tens of thousands of suppliers and buyers.

International Certification Bodies

Approved and Provisionally Approved

See scope of activity details here