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Deliver globally with supplier monitoring programs that sell.

Upgrade and conform your reporting practices and impress your buyers with transparent, organized, consumable, and usable data. Enter second-party audits and other compliance data directly to the cloud using the same platform as your CBs for instant availability in your Supply Chain Program.

Azzule Auditing Software & Supply Chain Monitoring Platform

Azzule Auditing Software (AzAS) is used by Certification Bodies, Auditors, Shippers and Suppliers as a tool to manage and perform internal and external audits or checklists. What’s unique about the AzAS is that it is part of a larger supplier monitoring compliance suite and interfaces directly with the Azzule Supply Chain Program software. Not only does this reporting interoperability save you time and money, but it provides you with the ability to share your second-party auditing data with your customers in a consumable format. Say goodbye to bulky PDFs, emails, downloads/uploads, or paperwork.



USDA National Organic Program (NOP)

Primus Standard Audits

Costco Produce Addendum

California LGMA Audit Checklist

Primus Standard FSMA Addendums

Scheme GlobalGAP FSMA Addendum

PrimusGFS McDonald’s Addendum

SYSCO Sustainable/IPM

Sustainability Standard

Produce GAPs Harmonized Food Safety Standard

Second-party Auditing

Remote / Distance Auditing

Environment, Health, and Safety



Ethical and Social

Quality Management

New! Shipper Access Feature

This will allow shippers the ability to submit documentation on behalf of their growers, review/modify audit applications, and access audit documentation within the Azzule Auditing Software. (third and second-party)

One Part of the Azzule Platform

Supply Chain Monitoring, Compliance, and Analytics Software

Smart configuration and automation make a world of difference in creating the right solution for Shippers, Retailers, and Suppliers alike. Azzule is redefining the way food safety teams use their compliance tools and data to improve programs and turn traditional cost-centers into valuable marketing and sales resources.


Increase Bandwidth & Expand Oversight Capabilities

Conduct second-party audits using Azzule Auditing Software and enable a new level of oversight and insight into your supply chain without increasing workload. Supplement your compliance programs with dynamic reporting, fill in the gaps and hold each of your suppliers to the same standards, and analyze granular data for red flags and KPIs. Build your own compliance programs and checklists or select from a growing library of audits and checklists.

Manage Documentation & Data in One Integrated Platform

The Azzule platform is designed to integrate auditing, laboratory, supply chain, and compliance data from internal and external sources and to facilitate its interoperability for dynamic management capabilities and insight. Our broad platform of tools and API integration reduces, if not eliminates, duplicate data entry. Using this single platform, you can expand your compliance programs beyond fresh produce without the need to adopt new software or retrain personnel.


Experience Domestic & International Market Agility

Second-party assessments and reports performed using Azzule Auditing Software produce usable, transferrable, granular data. This data can be sent directly to customers across the globe or used for various kinds of internal and external reporting. With a few clicks, you can transfer supplier compliance reports to specific customers or throughout a network of over 12,000 in the exact format that they need it or require it.

Save time with fully remote audit activities by submitting information to auditors to review electronically.

Perform second-party audits, link lab results, manage corrective actions, and share reports with customers without having to re-enter data or gather and send tons of PDFs and emails.

Ensure audit non-conformances are sufficiently addressed through detailed corrective action submission.

Map supply chains over any number of steps. The system monitors the current certification status of all registered suppliers and notifies you in the event of changes.

Stay up to date with your suppliers’ audit statuses, from scheduling to completion.

Complete, chronological record of all data related to audits and certifications.

Monitor your entire supplier base or compliance teams from a high level. Find and focus in on outlier or the red (or non-compliant) suppliers instantly.

Get an at-a-glance look at the status of your Suppliers and your compliance status with your Buyers. Drill down to address red flags or problem suppliers.

Build, borrow, and share template or custom compliance requirements with a tool that guides your suppliers through to compliance and keeps you and them up-to-date with alerts and notifications.

Manage all samples taken from audits and record the corresponding analysis results.

Quickly add…
12,000 suppliers
Relationship Management

Connect with new suppliers with a click of a button and begin requesting food safety documentation.

Seamlessly switch between multiple languages in your audit reports by the click of a button.

Connect the Azzule Platform to your internal management or third-party systems and seamlessly integrate it into your IT ecosystem.

Why Major Retailers & Buyers Stick with Azzule

Our expertise in providing solutions to the industry is demonstrated by the trust of many of the major retailers in the United States and beyond.

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