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Your Data Tells an Important Story

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Each time an audit is conducted, a lab assay is run, a hazard analysis is made, or a document is transferred from one user to another – data is generated. Your data is highly valuable to you, however it’s an asset that is difficult to put to good use on its own. 

For more than a decade, Azzule has studied, practiced, and mastered the analysis and reporting of various sources of auditing, laboratory, supply chain and compliance data. From something as simple as a Supplier Scorecard telling you how your suppliers are meeting your requirements, to Pre-emptive Analytics indicating specific, vulnerable points in yours or your suppliers’ operations, Azzule can provide you with critical insight well worth the investment.

Besides, you’ve invested already – you’ve completed audits using companies powered by azzule, you’ve tested with PrimusLabs, and/or you’ve uploaded to the Azzule Platform (formerly known as the Supply Chain Program). These investments of time, money, and painstaking attention to detail have afforded you data that is usable right now. Ask about the reports Azzule can offer you, either as a part of your regular reporting regiment or as a part of an analysis of a specific event, or learn more below.

Pull Out Your Outliers

Easily review your supplier’s performance from overarching issues to outliers up and down your supply chain.

Compare yourself or your supplier’s performance to the rest of the industry. We at Azzule leverage our vast database with over 7,000 produce companies to know where you’re lacking or exceeding industry practices.

Know Where You Stand

Our granular database allows us to analyze data at the most minute details. Set up trigger alerts based on non-conformances to indicated questions or do word searches through your entire site to identify audits or lab results using those terms or phrases.

Measure to Improve Your Programs

Look at your data in ways you never thought possible. Compare regions, facilities, or ever products against each other. We can track time it takes suppliers to send you their audits or even predict when they don’t do enough corrective actions. Compare audits. Track your historical progress to easily see improvements in your supply chain. Trend laboratory results or audits movement to your site.

Do you currently use Azzule products?

Whether you currently use Azzule or other services, contact us and we can help with options available and to decide which analytics and reporting is right for you