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At Azzule CORE, we offer tailored resources—guides, webinars, quizzes—to kickstart your compliance journey. Whether you have years of experience or are just getting started, we can help you navigate FDA and CFIA food import regulations.

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FSVP Starter Pack

Get a head start on FSVP compliance effortlessly with our comprehensive FSVP Starter Pack, designed to streamline your journey.


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Do I need an FSVP program?

To determine if you need an FSVP program, you should consider if you import food into the United States or Canada. If you do, an FSVP program is generally required by the FDA to maintain the safety of the food you import.

You can start by taking our quiz, designed to help you assess whether FSVP applies to your business. Azzule CORE Support can guide you in the right direction based on the results.

What are the responsibilities of a Qualified Individual (QI)?

A Qualified Individual (QI) plays a crucial role in FSVP compliance. They are responsible for evaluating your foreign supplier records, determining verification activities, preparing and building your FSVP plan, and reviewing corrective actions.

With extensive experience in building food safety programs and certifications for FSVP, Our team of Azzule CORE QIs can guide you through these responsibilities.

Am I an exception or are there modified requirements for me?

Some importers might qualify for modified requirements, such as the “very small importer” exemption. It’s essential to assess your specific situation to determine if you qualify. You can take this assessment to see if modifications apply but if you’re unsure, give us a call!

How does Azzule work with foreign suppliers to gather required information?

Azzule CORE’s administrative team personally collaborates with your foreign suppliers via call or email. Our experienced support team is proficient in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, and more, to effectively communicate with and support your suppliers.

Can Azzule CORE assist beyond foreign suppliers for compliance?

Azzule CORE can extend its assistance to domestic suppliers within the USA, aiding in meeting CFIA requirements, providing administrative support for compliance program development, and supporting sustainability programs. Contact us to explore additional ways we can assist you.

What are the forms 482 and 483, and how does Azzule help manage them?

Azzule CORE provides administrative support in retrieving and organizing compliance documentation, ensuring that your forms 482 and 483 are managed effectively. We simplify the process, saving you time and effort in compliance management.

Will Azzule CORE act as my representative during FDA inspections?

Yes. Azzule CORE acts on your behalf and liaises with the FDA inspector, leveraging our exceptional track record and professional demeanor to represent you effectively.

Helping you comply with necessary requirements, our experienced team works to address any concerns raised during the inspection, aiming for a successful and complete closure of the inspection. You’re not alone in this process.

How does Azzule CORE keep me informed about my progress?

Azzule CORE’s administrative team assists you in retrieving and organizing FSVP compliance documentation, and keeps you informed about the progress of your compliance activities. You can track the status of your compliance documentation within your Azzule account, maintaining transparency and accountability.

What happens after the term with Azzule CORE ends?

Azzule CORE was built to set you up for compliance success. We offer subscription plans for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. You have the option to renew or not, but when the term ends, we create a smooth transition, and you retain all your organized data within your Azzule account, including your FSVP plan. You don’t have to worry about losing your valuable compliance data.

Will Azzule CORE keep my data safe and easily accessible at all times?

Yes, your data is securely stored in your Azzule account. We make sure that all your compliance-related data, documentation, and records are organized and readily accessible for your reference and any future compliance needs.

What is the average time, effort, and cost that Azzule CORE saves for clients?

Being conservative, Azzule CORE saves each client at least 440 hours, and at least $57,000 in savings. Additionally, we professionally represent you during your FDA inspection, reducing the stress and complexity of the process. Our comprehensive support is designed to streamline your compliance efforts and save valuable resources.

What can Azzule CORE do for me?

Azzule CORE offers a wide range of services, including evaluating foreign suppliers, building FSVP plans, reviewing corrective actions, and providing professional representation during FDA inspections. Our goal is to ensure comprehensive compliance support.

What steps can I take now to become FSVP compliant before an inspection occurs?

To proactively ensure compliance before an inspection, you can initiate a thorough review of your current compliance status and documentation. Azzule CORE can assist you in identifying any gaps and provide guidance.

Every importer’s plan should be customized to their specific operation. However, if you would like to see which items are commonly found within a FSVP or learn FSVP basics, click here to access our checklist and past webinars.

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