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Azzule Releases Analytics Module for Certification Bodies

Azzule has just released an Analytics Module in its Azzule Auditing Software (AZAS). The module is geared for certification bodies (CBs), allowing them to conduct quality assurance and management reviews of their auditing practices. The new module can be used by certification bodies to assess their auditor and audit coordinator performances and is available to all CBs that use the AZAS or PrimusGFS software systems to submit their audits.

Currently, the Analytics Module offers three types of live dynamic reports: 1) Certified Audit Overview Reports, 2) PrimusGFS Overall Performance Reports, and 3) PrimusGFS Submission Time Reports. Some of the specific analytical features include: annual and monthly summaries, the timeline summary of application reviews, corrective actions, and submissions of preliminary audit reports, to name just some of the analytics capabilities. All can help CBs not only conduct day-to-day management of their businesses, but also help them to review their key performance from audit scheduling to preliminary and final reports and corrective actions review. New reports will be added to the module as they are developed.

Certification bodies seeking more information about the Analytics Module can contact Azzule at or 805-354-7127. Auditees that would like to find out if their certification bodies are using the analytical features are encouraged to contact those CB’s.