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2nd Party Audits Now Included in the Azzule Auditing Software

As auditing has become more and more common as a staple of food safety monitoring, some large companies (i.e., exporters, importers, shippers, etc.) with hundreds or thousands of suppliers have begun to conduct 2nd Party audits on those suppliers who do not undergo 3rd Party audits conducted by certification bodies. Furthermore, 2nd Party audits are one of the verification activities that allow companies to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and in particular with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) for food imported into the United States. This can help both importers and exporters sell their products to American buyers.

Azzule Auditing Software (AZAS) now offers users the option of performing and managing those 2nd Party audits in the system similar to the current method by which 3rd Party audits are performed by certification bodies. Advantages of using the AZAS for 2nd Party audits include: audit data entry, corrective action management, and automatic translations between different languages, etc. The AZAS also feeds 2nd party audit data directly into users’ Azzule Premium Supply Chain sites allowing them to manage and analyze the audit data that their company collects or transfer data to meet buyer or customer expectations.

By adding the capability for 2nd Party audit management in the AZAS, Azzule has made it possible for companies to monitor their suppliers by using the valuable 2nd party audit data to their advantage in a targeted manner, helping to determine compliance for suppliers that may need extra assistance or oversight. Additionally, the AZAS allows different templates to be used like PrimusGFS, Primus Standard, GlobalG.A.P., CanadaGAP, USDA, etc.

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