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Azzule Plans Release of PrimusLabs Web Application

On October 21, 2019, Azzule will release its first web application, the PrimusLabs app. The Azzule web applications will offer users a single location in which to access all of the food safety activities that your operation performs.  In addition, Azzule is happy to build apps to assist you in managing your third party data and/or connectors to help your current systems interface with the Azzule platform. Both allow you to house all of your data in the same convenient location.

The PrimusLabs app will offer PrimusLabs clients the opportunity to view their lab results as well as their audits and other food safety information in one convenient location, the Azzule platform. You’re far too busy to have to jump around from one site to another when you’re trying to manage food safety. Consequently, simplicity and speed may very well be your most important concerns. With that in mind, all of our updates to the Azzule platform have one goal in mind: to simplify and expedite the management of all of your food safety data.

The PrimusLabs app allows users to:
  • Track the status of samples from scheduling to initial request to final report and every step in between.
  • Increase visibility with interactive GPS point maps, showing the exact location from which each sample was taken.
  • Permit easy compliance with FSMA requirements so you can review/acknowledge your lab results with only a few clicks.
  • Transfer lab results to your customers quickly and easily because you can view, review and send your lab data from the same convenient location.
  • Automatically populate all of your PrimusLabs’ lab results to your PrimusLabs Application and the Azzule Supply Chain site, making it easier to manage and share lab result data.
Future web applications are soon to follow this release and will ease the burden of data management for companies of all kinds that currently utilize a wide array of PrimusLabs and Azzule services.

We’re excited to offer this option to PrimusLabs’ customers, and we’re always happy to explain how you can benefit from the app’s many features by contacting us at 805.354.7127.

For more training, join us on Monday, November 4th at 10:00 am or on Wednesday, November 6th at 10:00 am PDT for a webinar-training on your Azzule Platform, featuring the first ever Azzule App/Connector: the PrimusLabs Application!