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Azzule Releases Operations Module in the Azzule Platform

In response to client requests, growing buyer expectations, FDA’s implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and the increasing popularity of the various Blockchain systems, Azzule has been updating and enhancing the Azzule Platform, specifically the Azzule Supply Chain Program’s (SCP) capabilities. While continuing to improve our clients’ means of controlling the movement of information to their own customers, Azzule has taken this opportunity to ease their compliance review with a series of new products. Toward that goal, Azzule released our new Operations Module on August 6th. The Operations Module is designed to help clients view and manage their own company’s data down to the growing area and/or facility level – what we call the “Operations” level. This allows for better data management and traceability to help monitor a company’s own internal documentation, as well as assisting it in complying with customer requirements and government regulations. This new module helps you to comply with the FDA requirement of monitoring food safety data at the farm and facility level. Keeping your data organized via the Operations Module can also help you to set your company apart from other vendors making your business more marketable as you sell your products. Your customers may request that you submit information for the operations used to provide them product. Within the new Customer Profile, you have the ability to grant permissions and control the level of visibility your customers can have to those operations. By using the Azzule Auditing Software or conducting PrimusGFS audits, your operations information will automatically be populated into your “suggested operations” in your Operations Module, making it easier to manage and share operational data. The Operations Module offers the capability to:
  • View and sort audits, lab results, and documents by operation;
  • Manage operation profiles and information;
  • View supplier’s operation information based upon permissions; and
  • Grant permission to your customers to view your operations and/or those of your suppliers from the new Customer Profile.
We will be conducting webinars in the following weeks and months to provide training on this release, as well as our other new features. To participate in a personal walk-through, please email, and we will be happy to schedule a demonstration of the Operations Module and other Azzule tools.