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Azzule to Release Multi-Select Option to Supply Chain Program

In an effort to streamline the use of its platform, Azzule is about to release an upgrade to the Premium Supply Chain Program (PSCP) and Supply Chain Program (SCP) sites. The new Multi-select option allows users to manage their audits more easily and, in particular, to transfer multiple audits without having to change screens.   A modification will be made to the platform’s “All Audits” screen that allows users to filter their audits and select one or multiple to either export to excel or transfer. The new multi-select option will toggle on the action bar which allows you to send one, multiple or all audits to your customer(s) with just the click of the transfer icon without having to exit and go to the “Send Data” section of your Supply Chain site.   Want to learn more about all the things you can do on your Azzule Supply Chain site? Contact us at or by phone at 805.354.7127 to schedule a demo with a member of our customer service team.