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Azzule Ups its Performance Optimization Game

From the very inception of Azzule, we have been committed to meeting our clients’ needs with the best movement and presentation of our clients’ food safety data. Lately, our efforts have been poured into enhancing the user experience on Azzule’s Supply Chain platform and one of the most important ways we aimed to create a better experience was by optimizing our platform’s response times.

With more than 12,000 companies storing data on the Azzule platform and over 2 million audits transferred, you can imagine how much information may exist on a single site, especially for one large buyer and its thousands of suppliers. A buyer’s site could easily take more than a minute of our clients’ time for all the information to load. Consequently, Azzule continues to meet the challenge of maintaining optimal performance with powerful data at the helm.

Through the efforts of our Tech teams, we have made significant advances in optimizing performance cutting loading times down to 17 seconds in the case of the Compliance Table View. We believe these changes will greatly enhance the user experience for clients of all sizes and types.

Check out the improvements! We hope you will enjoy navigating Azzule with its current ease.

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