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Hear it first, from Azzule Systems

New Azzule Dashboard and Widgets!

Azzule has been in the process of enhancing our Azzule Supply Chain sites with the invaluable feedback from our clients. Our clients have helped us to identify a need for a dashboard to provide quick and easy overview of your and your suppliers’ data within Azzule.

We have begun the process of designing our New Azzule Dashboard & Widgets and would like to invite you to our Proposal Presentation.

The purpose of the Dashboard is to help provide a centralized location and quick access to your Azzule Supply Chain data. In order to save time and increase efficiency, we are developing a way for you to focus on priority tasks and keep track of all your services from just one place. We understand that your time is valuable and are designing the Dashboard to be customizable with widgets that help streamline your job with actionable links to activities that matter most to you.

Historically these types of presentations have been limited to our internal teams but we would like to welcome you in on the ground floor of our planning processes in order to best meet your needs. This presentation will include an overview of the Dashboard concept as well as a presentation of some of the Widgets we would like to begin programming for you.

After the presentation is complete you will receive an invitation to participate in our one-on-one brainstorming session where you can provide your feedback on the Dashboard & Widgets presented in the proposal so that we can best prioritize the project and create the widgets you find most valuable first.

If you would like to participate in our Proposal Presentation and subsequent one-on-one brainstorming, please register below.


  As our valued client, your feedback is important to us, and it will be gladly welcomed at any time throughout this series of releases and subsequent test phases. We appreciate your business and look forward to your feedback as we continue to work to improve Azzule for you.

For questions or assistance with your Azzule account, please contact our Customer Service team at or call 805-354-7127.