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Primus Group’s Response to PMA’s Launch of Trellis

November 17, 2017 Primus Group has a 30 year history as a food safety company, and since the late 1990s, we have supported the concept of data collection, analysis, and movement as a means to improve food safety. We have long championed the use of emerging technologies to help our clients communicate expectations and performance between and among buyers and suppliers. While Primus Group, Inc. has frequently embraced new technologies, we do so with a focus on addressing our clients’ needs. For instance, when our clients needed universal recognition for their audit results, Primus Group, Inc. participated in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), becoming the first privately owned audit scheme to successfully complete the process. These are exciting times with new technologies like Blockchain offering potentially disruptive ways of confirming authenticity and traceability at fractions of the cost and time required with historical technologies. In a similar vein, numerous programming languages have been developed and will be developed that will enhance our ability to comb through mountains of data to focus our efforts and prioritized resources. Where and what will cause the next “black swan” event, and how do we find it to prevent a crisis? Azzule has historically adapted its services to leverage whatever new technologies arise. We will continue to do so. We appreciate the fact that over 7,000 firms have trusted Azzule to handle their data, and we have made a commitment to providing the same level of care and consideration with additional data that becomes available in whatever languages that enable detailed analyses. Primus Group, Inc., more specifically Azzule, is already prepared to receive any data in any number of languages and integrate that data into our data base, allowing cross audit scheme analyses. For those firms that need assistance in converting their data, we have a long history of providing that service as well. This is actually nothing new. In 2007, Azzule altered their platform to accept auditing data from one of the world’s largest certification bodies (it was not PrimusLabs). Long before that in the mid-to-late 1990s, PrimusLabs (Azzule) developed open audit platforms for all auditing firms approved by participating retailers, distribution firms, and multi-unit restaurant chains. And more recently, Azzule developed system to collect analyzable data from commissions, government agencies, buyers, etc. The acknowledgement of the need for data to be introduced, delivered, or converted into formats that allow rapid analyses by a major industry association is welcomed. We have already adapted our system to embrace the new format and welcome the delivery of additional data to augment our current databases.