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PrimusGFS 2019 REPORT

PrimusGFS 2019 REPORT This report details all of the collected data on PrimusGFS audit certifications in 2019. Key points include the following:
    • In 2019, PrimusGFS certified audits grew by 5.77% over the total of number of PrimusGFS certified audits in 2018.
    • Azzule approved three new CBs to conduct PrimusGFS audits: ANCE A.C., Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety, Inc., and KIWA.
    • PrimusGFS expanded into a new country, Guyana in the past year, bringing the total number of countries in which PGFS audits are performed to 21.
    • The most commonly certified operation scope for PrimusGFS continues to be Farms with 53.44% of total audits; followed by Harvest Crews at 23.82%; and Packinghouses at 14.67% of the total percentage of operations certified in 2019.