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Questionnaire Combined with Compliance Grids Provide Innovative Solution for Grocery Retailer

Azzule has recently begun working with a major grocery retailer to create a buyer’s site for the company on Azzule’s platform through which it hopes to monitor its suppliers. The retailer requested a demo of the platform, and after having the Compliance Grids demonstrated, the retailer’s food safety people determined that the grids could provide them with an effective and novel way to maintain suppliers’ compliance with the company’s food safety expectations.

The retailer’s food safety team had developed a supplier produce review, but had issues with some of its suppliers failing to provide updated and accurate information. By programming the questionnaire into its platform, Azzule helped to ensure that those suppliers responded to the questionnaire. Each supplier who did not already have one was automatically assigned an Azzule Supply Chain Program (SCP) site. Depending upon the answers to the questionnaire’s inquiries, the suppliers were assigned relevant activities in their Compliance Grids and were only able to see the requirements that were applicable to them.

As the retailer’s suppliers completed the questionnaire, the appropriate compliance activities appeared in each supplier’s site. The site’s automatic notifications gave suppliers a timetable to upload all of the documents necessary to comply with the appropriate grid(s), and quickly the retailer was well on its way to realizing its goal for monitoring compliance.

The Azzule platform with its color-coded Compliance Grids, and the new Table View version of the grids have already greatly simplified many buyers’ supply chain management, but the use of the questionnaire provided this particular retailer with an efficient solution compatible with its existing system. Questionnaires and other customizable options are available for other clients who might also benefit from the programming that Azzule can supply. Contact for more information.