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Remote Audits, How Compliance Grids Can Help

In an effort to provide assistance during these trying times and to address the specific need for “social distancing,” Azzule Systems is offering a free tool, the “COMPLIANCE GRID.” This can be used by you and your auditing company of choice when conducting off-site or remote documentation reviews. These reviews are specified in a certification program or auditing company policy and conducted independently of an on-site audit or while preparing for an on-site audit. The on-line tool developed by Azzule Systems is able to help you and your auditing company complete one portion of the audit remotely.

The COMPLIANCE GRIDS are available in the Azzule Supply Chain Program and can be aligned with any certification program. By utilizing your free Supply Chain Program account, you will receive a clear request about what is required for the desk review from your auditing company. You can easily respond and submit documents to the GRID, and your auditor can complete the documentation review process on-line.

Our expertise in providing solutions to the industry is demonstrated by the trust of many of the major retailers in the United States (

If you would like more information about an off-site or remote documentation reviews, please contact your auditing company. If you would like to know more about the COMPLIANCE GRID, please contact us at or by telephone:

Santa Maria, California, U.S.A. +1-805-354-7127

Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico +52-667-716-5037

Viña del Mar, Chile +56-32-332-5045