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Residue Lab Ups its Game

In its ongoing effort to better serve growers in the fresh produce industry, the PrimusLabs Residue laboratory has added new compounds to its list of chemicals for which it is now offering analysis. Residue Lab Manager Sean Kurokawa announced that additional compounds have been added to both PrimusLabs’ Multi-Residue Screen (MRS) Extended Plus, while others are offered in new single compound tests. Growers need assurance that they are operating within EPA guidelines when they introduce new chemicals into the growing process, and it is with their input that PrimusLabs adds additional compounds to its testing offerings. New chemicals that added to the PrimusLabs’ MRS Extended Plus screen include:
  • Flutianil – Tradename Gatten® is a fungicide used for apples, cherries, cantaloupes, cucumbers, grapes, squash and strawberries.
  • Pyrifluquinazon – Tradename Rycar® is an insecticide used for indoor greenhouse use on lettuce, tomato, pepper cucumber and ornamental plants.
  • Pyriofenone – Tradename Prolivo™ is a fungicide for use on cucurbits, caneberry group, bushberry group, small fruit vine climbing crop, low growing berry crop.
  • Other compounds include Oxathiapriprolin, Fomesafen, Tridemorph, Fenpropdin, and
The additions of these chemicals raises the total number of agriculture-related compounds offered in the MRS Extended Plus screen to 363. Along with these additions to PrimusLabs’ Multi-residue screens, a number of new aflatoxins tests can also be requested. Aflatoxins are categories of mycotoxins, toxic compounds found on a variety of crops, such as corn and grains (like tree nuts). Whether your commodities are sold domestically or exported to multiple countries, count on PrimusLabs to provide quick service and confidence in your products. Questions? Contact us 7 days a week at 805-922-0055 or or