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Samuel Lugo Tapped to Implement Microsoft Azure

Samuel Lugo, a nine year veteran of Azzule and PrimusLabs, is currently integrating into the position of Chief Technology Officer at Azzule. Under the scope of Lugo’s responsibilities, he will be integrating the Architecture and New Technologies team, the Infrastructure team, as well as the Data team. Lugo will work closely with Paul Bon, Chief Product Officer (SCP, LIMS, AZAS, Buyer sites) and along with the technological help of his own team, will provide Bon and his associates with the tools and means to deliver Azzule’s products, services, and innovations to the market in a stable, secure and scalable manner. He’ll also work with the Compliance, Schemes, Customer Service, Micro, Residue, Dispatch and other teams, as projects or ideas permit. One of Lugo’s first challenges will be ensuring Azzule’s products and services have a secure, stable and scalable hosting. Toward that goal, Azzule has changed its cloud services host. Azzule will now be utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Azure has been chosen by both major corporations and government entities, and we believe it will improve the functionality of our system as we continue to grow it.