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Azzule Adds GLOBALG.A.P.’s GRASP Addendum to AZAS

Azzule is always looking to expand the auditing options that we make available through our Azzule Auditing Software (AZAS) system. Since the system provides granular audit data, the more audit data we have in the system, the more valuable it will be for all users.

Toward that end, we want to take this opportunity to communicate the release of the GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) Addendum in the AZAS. It is now available for CBs submitting audits in the AZAS. GRASP is an addendum available for GLOBALG.A.P. IFA audit templates currently presented in the system.

The need for GRASP seems to be growing. GRASP is often required by buyers in Europe, and, more recently, several food service companies in the United States have required it for their importers.

You can find the addendum in the “Modules” Section during the configuration of an audit Application.

This addendum can be added once per application (certification cycle) as a representation of the producer´s GRASP evaluation report.

In the auditor´s portal, the auditor may download an Excel format of the GRASP report, to be used in compliance with GLOBALG.A.P.’s database.