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Check Out Our Updated Manual Development Toolkit

Don’t forget to check out the free document templates in the Manual Development Toolkit offered at the PrimusLabs website The various food safety templates (i.e., SOPs, forms, logs, etc.) that we offer can help you to develop the food safety documents you’ll need in your food safety program manual. Several have been updated and improved. The Toolkit provides guided templates to address all of the issues likely to confront you when developing your plan and preparing for your audit. The Manual Development Toolkit is divided into several categories to address all of the relevant parts of any audit – from the new Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) toolkit to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) toolkits. All offer guidance on SOPs and other documents you’ll need to develop a top-notch food safety program. After opening the PrimusLabs website, select the “Tools” pulldown menu, and select Manual Development Toolkit. From there log-in, or, if you’re new to the system, create your own username and password.